LED teeth whitening kits

You’re one step closer to bringing your teeth back to their natural whiteness with our Compact LED Teeth Whitening Kit. Powered by the smallest and sleekest LED unit going around, enjoy the most comfortable teeth whitening experience in only 15 minutes.

The attachable mouthguard is conveniently self-moulding, suctioning around your teeth to create the perfect fit without heat-forming fuss. Mint flavoured for a tasteful experience, all BLANQ teeth whitening gel formulations are cruelty-free and are made in the USA from only the highest-quality ingredients.

You have your pick between two whitening formulas, tailored to suit your individual needs. Our dental-grade teeth whitening formula contains 18% Carbamide Peroxide – the highest legal percentage in the country – while our gentlest peroxide-free formula maximises whitening results with minimal sensitivity.

All LED teeth whitening kit items come packaged within a sleek designer travel bag, perfect for storing or for whitening on the go.

Home teeth whitening has never been so easy! Get the confidence to smile again after just 15 minutes using our sleek, innovative LED mouthguard teeth whitening system.