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BLANQ is excited to bring our Australian-first LED mouthguard teeth whitening kits into the market. We want to make whiter, brighter teeth and smiles accessible to everyone, with minimal fuss.

Featuring high-quality ingredients made in the USA and specially formulated teeth whitening gels for better, faster results, our home teeth whitening kits help return your teeth to their natural whiteness in just 15-minute sessions.

Please contact us, or take a look at our LED mouthguard teeth whitening system blog for news and product updates.

Wholesale Enquiries

Please email us your business name, email, phone number and a short message telling us a bit about your business and the details of your order. BLANQ teeth whitening products include: single and twin-pack LED teeth whitening systems LED mouthguard teeth whitening kit teeth whitening gel refills and mineral reboot gel refills.

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