How to use your LED home teeth whitening kit

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Get the best results

As straightforward as our LED teeth whitening system may be, it pays to follow the full instructions to ensure that you are getting the most effective teeth whitening experience possible.

Download BLANQ Instruction Booklet

  • How-To Tip 1

    Tip 1

    Always brush your teeth thoroughly before using your LED mouthguard teeth whitening kit, and be sure to then pat your teeth completely dry with a towel.

  • How-To Tip 2

    Tip 2

    When applying teeth whitening gel to the LED mouthguard, keep the solution as close to the bottom of the mouthguard as possible to avoid getting excess gel onto your gums.

  • How-To Tip 3

    Tip 3

    For the perfect fit and for optimal whitening results, after applying the whitening gel, gently bite down on the mouthguard and push on it gently with your fingers to enable it to suction around your teeth.

  • How-To Tip 4

    Tip 4

    Turning ON the LED mouthguard teeth whitening system begins your session, with a recommended duration of 15 minutes. While you can opt for a maximum 20 minute treatment time, 15 minutes is considered to be more than sufficient.

  • How-To Tip 5

    Tip 5

    For optimal results, repeat your teeth whitening sessions once a day for the first seven consecutive days, then maintain your results with just one whitening session a fortnight.

  • How-To Tip 6

    Tip 6

    Our Mineral Reboot Gel is the perfect accompaniment to your LED teeth whitening kit, preventing tooth sensitivity while strengthening and repairing tooth enamel by replenishing essential minerals. Recommended for use one to two times for the first seven days, then as needed.