Our teeth whitening philosophy

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    What makes us unique?

    BLANQ may be the new kid on the block, but when it comes to top-quality LED teeth whitening systems - we’re the leading innovator in the field! We put Australia’s newest, smallest and sleekest LED with the highest-quality, USA-made ingredients for optimal results and a premium whitening experience from the comfort of your own home - all packaged within a sleek designer travel bag for people who love to be “on the go”!

  • Ultra-fast 15-minute treatment time

    Ultra-fast 15-minute treatment time

    It’s no accident that we offer one of the fastest teeth whitening treatment times – we know that people be busy! 15 minutes is all you’ll need to bring your teeth back to their natural whiteness in just 7 days.

  • Smallest and sleekest LED teeth whitening unit

    Smallest and sleekest teeth whitening LED unit

    Our kits are powered by the smallest and sleekest teeth whitening LED unit going around, resulting in the most comfortable, non-bulky teeth whitening experience.

  • Self moulding mouthguard for superior comfort and results

    Self-moulding mouthguard for superior comfort and results

    Our conveniently self-moulding LED teeth whitening mouthguard suctions around your teeth, creating the perfect fit without the need for heat-forming fuss.

  • Designer travel bag for whitening on the go

    Packaged within a designer travel bag for whitening on the go

    All of our LED teeth whitening kit items come packaged within a sleek designer travel bag, perfect for storing or for whitening on the go. It also acts as a sustainable packaging solution, minimising the need for throwaway materials to contain the teeth whitening kit items.

  • Choice of teeth-whitening formulas

    Your choice of whitening formulas – dental grade or peroxide free

    Have your pick between two teeth whitening formulas to suit your individual needs. Both our dental-grade formula, with 18% Carbamide Peroxide, and our gentler peroxide-free formula maximise whitening results.

  • Mint-flavoured teeth whitening kit

    Mint flavoured for a tasteful experience

    While we all love whiter teeth, no one loves that teeth-whitening taste. This is why all of our mouthguard teeth whitening gels are mint flavoured to provide you with a tasteful experience. You’re welcome!

  • Cruelty-free and not tested on animals

    Cruelty free & not tested on animals

    All our teeth whitening gels are formulated with only the highest quality USA-made, cruelty-free ingredients.

  • Made in the USA

    Made in the USA

    BLANQ mouthguard teeth whitening gels are made in the USA, formulated with only the highest-quality USA-made, cruelty-free ingredients for exceptional results and peace of mind.

  • ADA/FDA Compliant

    ADA/FDA compliant

    While others claim to be ‘FDA approved’, we know this to be a stretch of the truth. The FDA does not approve cosmetic products – which teeth whitening formulations are. We do however comply with all FDA and ADA standards, so you can rest assured that our product is a safe (and honest) one.